What is K Dollar?

K Dollar is a means of payment used at K11. Upon joining as KLUB 11 member & bind with K Dollar Program’s account, you can earn K Dollars and spend as instant cash at participating merchants.

K Dollar Conversion Rate
General Member

Spend HK$250 = 1 K Dollar

Gold Card Member

Spend HK$250 = 1.5 K Dollar

Black Card Member

Spend HK$250 = 2 K Dollars

Remarks: *Min. spending amount is 10 K Dollars
How to use K Dollars?
1. Press the 'Me' button & log in to your KLUB 11 Membership account
2. Then press 'Use K Dollars'
3. Key in the exact amount* and press 'Pay Now'

*The minimum spending amount is 10 K Dollars

4. Present the QR code to the shop staff of participating merchants to scan

#The QR code represents the amount of K Dollars you converted from K Points.
^The QR code is valid for 60 seconds. The K Points used to convert into K Dollar will be deducted from your account upon successful scanning of the QR code and is not refundable.

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What is K Dollar?

K Dollar is a means of payment used at K11 MUSEA, K11 Art Mall, K11 ARTUS, Rosewood Hong Kong, designated Chow Tai Fook stores, D·Park, THE FOREST, FREE DUTY & etc. You can earn K Dollars with your eligible spending and spend as instant cash at over 700 participating merchants. Please visit K Dollar Program website (https://www.krewards.com) for more details

Which are the participating merchants that accept K Dollars?

Please refer to ‘Brand’ in the next tab or directly from “K11 HK” Mobile App.

How to use K Dollars?

Simply follow the below steps:
i. Inform shop staff of Participating Merchant about the wish to use K dollars 
ii. Login to member’s account via “K11 HK” Mobile App 
iii. Select ‘K Dollar’ menu bar and convert K Points into K Dollars, and the system will generate a QR Code representing the spending amount of K Dollars
iv. Present the QR code to the shop staff of participating merchants to scan
v. After successful scanning, the spending amount of K Dollars will be deducted immediately
vi. After the transaction is completed, the transaction record of K Dollars can be checked in the account

Is there any usage time limit of K Dollars?

The QR code will be expired every 60 seconds. Once the code is expired, member can re-generate the code. If the QR code is not scanned within 60 seconds, K Dollars will not be deducted.

Is there any expiry date for K Dollars?

K Dollars must be used at Participating Merchants right after converting from K Points. To use K Dollars, you must convert K Points into K Dollars via “K11 HK’ Mobile App before the points expired and spend immediately at Participating Merchants. If the K Points have expired, it means that you can no longer be able to convert K Points into K Dollars.

Can the used K Dollars be refunded?

The QR code representing the converted K Dollars must be successfully scanned by Participating Partners and Merchants to complete the payment made by K Dollars. Therefore, K Dollars which are converted but the QR Code has not been scanned successfully will be automatically resumed.

Can K Dollar being refunded when I request sales refund from Participating Merchants?

No. K Dollars which QR code is successfully scanned at Participating Merchants are not reversible nor refundable.

Is there any spending maximum cap for K Dollar?

Minimum 10 K Dollars must be used in every single transaction, while there is no maximum cap for now.

Is K Dollar transferable or donated?

K Dollar is not transferable and cannot be converted into cash.

Can I pay K Dollar in advance?


How can I check my K Dollar balance?

KLUB 11 Members can download/login to “K11 HK” Mobile App, and use the built-in tools to calculate the amount of K Dollars available.

Can the spending paid with K Dollar be used for spending and point registration?


Can KLUB 11 Memebrs use K Dollars to enroll workshops?

Yes. Some of the KKA workshops accept using K Dollars to settle full or part of the enrollment fee.

Am I entitled to the reward of Spend Stimulation Programme if I spent with K Dollars?

On the basis of the ineligibility to earn K Points with K Dollars spending, you are not entitled to any rewards of Spend Stimulation Programme. Such rewards are based on net spending excluding spending settled by K Dollars or K11 physical / electronic gift vouchers.